Screen Printing – The Most Popular Method Of T Shirt Printing

The Various Styles Of T Shirt Printing
With the advancements in technology that we have, there are various forms of t shirt printing available today. Listed here are the three most common types and the particulars for each one.

Screen Printing – The Most Popular Method Of T Shirt Printing

Ink is permeated using a screen and onto the parts that are to be printed on. This process necessitates the use of a stencil made of a non-permeable material which is the negative of the design. This lets you come up with a flawless design because ink just does not leach on the surface areas not meant to be printed on.

Screen printing is the most popular form of T shirt printing for the reason that the stencil can still be used repeatedly, with printed shirts to be mass produced. Aside from shirts, this technique can also be applied on jackets, sweaters, caps or canvass bags.

T Shirt Printing Via Direct To Garment Printing

With this kind of technique, multi-colored designs can be created on the shirt with the use of a unique printer. It is in the same manner that paper is printed on with an inkjet printer. In comparison to screen printing, you can make use of more colors and shades here. In addition, this method has a quicker turn around time, making it the desired option when there are big quantities to produce.

T Shirt Printing By Means Of Heat Transfer

The process of heat transfer requires utilizing heat in applying the design on the material to be printed on. The specialty paper that has the design is set on the part where the print should be. After which, application of heat pressure is done on the paper that lets the ink to be transferred to the surface of the cloth. This process is at present widely available even in shopping malls, making it the easiest choice for on-the-spot, rush projects.

The above techniques are, in general, considered recognized already. Whatever kind of T shirt printing form to avail of depends on the needed quantity and your preferred design quality.

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